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Wine Access Review 2022

Wine delivered right to your door? What could be better? If you join the Wine Access Club, you'll receive four carefully selected cases of wine per year, each containing six bottles. Wine Access is convenient because it cuts down on time and money spent browsing shelves.

Linqto Review โ€“ Is this Pre-IPO Investment Platform Worth it

Pre-IPO shares of stock are Linqto's forte, as they are the platform's primary focus. They are industry experts, therefore they typically have a wide variety of stock options for private companies that are going public. You can buy shares on the platform, and you might even be able to sell them back to Linqto if you decide to cash out early.

Investing In Fine Wine: Everything You Need To Know About Vint

Vint is a digital marketplace for buying and selling wine collections, which allows even non-accredited investors to participate. Vint allows you to invest in wine for as little as $25, whereas many other platforms require you to invest in wine by purchasing complete bottles or cases. It is a public corporation subject to oversight by the Securities and Exchange Commission; it's initial offering to investors occurred in early 2021.