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ShipBob Reviews: Should You Use It

The ability to provide two-day shipping, made possible by ShipBob's fulfillment services, is crucial for staying competitive in today's rapidly developing market. ShipBob allows for the use of branded packaging for commercial purposes.

You can use ShipBob from any computer with an internet connection. It provides online retailers with a feature popular with small business owners:

  • Answer to the problem of fulfillment
  • Product for managing stock
  • System for Warehouse Control

Once upon a time, having quick shipment times was a selling point. Now? This is necessary. Almost half of all online customers have given up on a purchase due to poor shipping options. The ability to provide two-day shipping, made possible by ShipBob’s fulfillment services, is crucial for staying competitive in today’s rapidly developing market.

ShipBob allows for the use of branded packaging for commercial purposes. Impression management is improved with a branded unboxing experience.

How ShipBob Works

In order to learn more about ShipBob, you’ll need to submit a request and wait for a specialist to respond. They’ll research your firm thoroughly to provide you with an accurate price.

The account signup process will begin immediately following the consultation. You can use the sample data included in the demo account to help you get started. You are ready to go live once you have entered your product catalog.

ShipBobโ€™s Pricing

For basic DTC order fulfillment, ShipBob employs a pricing strategy that is open and based on the full cost of fulfillment. The services of receiving, storing, and sending cost money. The dashboard even has a handy cost estimator.

ShipBob users also have access to a variety of other features and services, including but not limited to:

Processing of Business-to-Business Orders
Food for pickup
Insurer’s Bundle
In addition

Not to worry, there are no sneaky extra charges. There is no initial investment required, and there is also no minimum order needed per month.

The first two hours of unloading warehouse deliveries charged $25. After the first two hours of unloading the shipment, you will be charged $40 for each additional hour.

The rates at which storage is performed are:

A monthly fee of $10 per shelf is required.

For the first four selections in order, all shipping and handling fees are waived. After that, each selection costs $0.20.

Plain boxes, mailers, tape, and any necessary dunnage (bubble wrap, filler, etc.) are all provided at no cost.

The size, weight, and destination of each individual package you send determine its own shipping cost.

The likes of B2Borders, kitting, freight shipment, and so on are all possible through these supplementary services.

ShipBob Shipping Rates

ShipBob has shipping contracts with a wide variety of companies, allowing them to offer the lowest possible shipping costs. They get better rates than most small firms because of the volume they do.

Costs to ship something can vary depending on the company you use. The origin zone, the destination zone, the delivery speed, and the package’s size and weight can all affect the final cost.

Based on the services you provide and your client’s preferences, ShipBob will select the most appropriate carrier for each of your packages.

ShipBob Features

ShipBob provides inventory management software in addition to its nationwide fulfillment services. Online retailers can ship client purchases fast and cheaply thanks to a nationwide network of fulfillment facilities.

Keeping Tabs on Stock and Managing Inventory

The software provided by ShipBob facilitates real-time inventory tracking and management. Alerts on stock levels will be sent to you as well, so you can prevent running out of anything. It’s simple to automate tasks with ShipBob because it works with so many different shopping carts. Better inventory decisions can be made with the use of past sales and order information.

Two-Day Delivery

The 2-Day Express service from ShipBob enables businesses to provide rapid shipping options for their clients. ShipBob verifies the zip code and real-time inventory at the closest fulfillment center whenever the customer submits their shipping information.

To keep costs down for businesses, the 2-Day Express service only offers ground shipment, not air. To put it another way, this paves the way for online store owners to provide their consumers with a service similar to Amazon Prime.

Worldwide Stockpiles

Since ShipBob has multiple warehouses all over the world, stock can be kept conveniently in any location. The split inventory method is more cost- and time-efficient.

The nearest distribution center ships products to your customers. With the help of your dashboard, you can keep tabs on the stock levels of all of your stores.

ShipBob provides quick shipment to the vast majority of U.S. consumers thanks to its many facilities in key U.S. cities like New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Chicago.

Additional American places include:

Areas Served: Woodridge, IL; Yorkville, IL; Louisville, KY; Geneva, WI; Bethlehem, PA
The Community of Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania
Georgia’s Atlanta and Tennessee’s Chattanooga
Locations: Phoenix, Arizona Toronto, California Hillsboro, Oregon

We also ship internationally and have distribution hubs in:

To be precise: Melbourne, Down Under
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Irish city of Kilkenny
UK, Feltham
City of Heywood, United Kingdom

All ShipBob locations are open to accepting packages Monday through Friday (excluding some U.S. government holidays and international holidays). Please view our directory of UK distribution centers.

Superior Technology

All of ShipBob’s infrastructure and software are wholly owned by the company. Merchants can monitor their stock levels and order statuses in real-time via a customized dashboard.

Improved warehouse management software (WMS) is used at ShipBob’s distribution centers to speed up the picking, packing, and shipping of customer orders.

Because the WMS is integrated with the merchant control panel, you may monitor the status of your orders at any time.

The cloud-based infrastructure guarantees that you can check inventory levels from any internet-connected device via the customer portal.

Handling Returns

With the aid of ShipBob, retailers can more easily process customer returns, getting stock back on shelves in record time. You, the seller, get to decide how ShipBob handles your returns.

Customers can easily create return labels on their own with the use of ShipBob’s return link. From the moment you initiate a return, you will be able to monitor its progress in real-time.

ShipBob is flexible enough to accommodate alterations to your returns policy.

ShipBob Integrations

With ShipBob, you can automate your entire fulfillment process by integrating with popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Is ShipBob Meant for Your Online Shop?

As expected, ShipBob provides additional services beyond those of a standard 3PL. They are the perfect business associate for facilitating the smooth processing of orders as your company expands. Having ShipBob on your side will provide you with the necessary resources, infrastructure, and tools to spend more time playing the role of the owner than that of the operator.

However, it isn’t the best fit for every virtual store. It works best for companies shipping 100 or more items each month. If your volume is lower than that, you may save money by sending your items through a service like US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS on your own.

ShipBob isn’t just for small enterprises, though; larger companies can use it for order fulfillment, too, though alternative options may be preferable.

Leave Your ShipBob Reviews

We’d appreciate a review if you’ve ever used ShipBob or are a current user. We rely on ShipBob reviews written by genuine customers to help inform our readers. Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

With ShipBob, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources to help you get up and running. Check out www.shipbob.com for more information on the most advanced third-party logistics provider.

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