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Hemlane Review – Tool Uses, Tips, And More

In terms of rentals, Hemlane provides everything from initial leasing to ongoing management. Rental listings can be advertised on over 40 websites, leads can be tracked, late fees can be automatically applied, documents can be stored, maintenance can be coordinated, and tenants can communicate with the property manager.

In terms of rentals, Hemlane provides everything from initial leasing to ongoing management. Rental listings can be advertised on over 40 websites, leads can be tracked, late fees can be automatically applied, documents can be stored, maintenance can be coordinated, and tenants can communicate with the property manager.

It’s a straightforward system that streamlines administrative tasks such as posting ads for available units and receiving rent and overdue payments.

If you’re a landlord who would rather not deal with the day-to-day tasks associated with your rental property, Hemlane can put you in touch with local, in-person leasing agents who will find and place a renter for you.

Hemlane’s lease and property management software capabilities allow landlords to be as hands-on or hands-off as they like with their rental properties.

Check out our in-depth analysis of Hemlane’s cutting-edge property management offerings to see whether they’re a good fit for you.


  • Wonderful assistance to customers
  • There is a wide range of resources available to landlords for managing their properties and vetting prospective tenants.
  • Allows you to choose the level of engagement you want at each stage
  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • A financial record-keeping system that benefits the client


  • Residentially oriented rather than business-oriented
  • Even though there is no dedicated app, everything has been optimized for mobile use.

Hemlane Analysis

If you’re a landlord with a small portfolio looking to expand, why should you consider Hemlane? In what ways have the most cutting-edge innovations altered property management for landlords like you? All of these topics, and more, will be discussed.

In order to get a feel for the software’s layout and the kinds of capabilities it offers, you should first watch this video that Hemlane has created to provide an introduction to the application.

As the video shows, the tools in Hemlane help in four major areas of a landlord’s workload:

  1. Leasing Tools
  2. Local Support
  3. Management Tools
  4. Maintenance Coordination

In order to aid in the management process as a whole, Hemlane offers solutions for each of these areas. You may be more or less reliant on certain resources, depending on your area of expertise and specialization; let’s examine what’s available in each field to find out why people like Hemlane.

Leasing Tools

The technology Hemlane has developed can initially help landlords like you with the early steps of the leasing process. Rental advertising, tenant screening, and applicant tracking are all part of the system’s functionality. Rental syndication and applicant tracking are two of the most used programs.

Rental Syndication

For example, Hemlane has proven to be very popular among property managers since it allows them to construct a listing profile for their units that includes all of the relevant information prospective tenants will need. You can use this information to create a listing page to promote to a wider audience or to target ads to certain renters.

Then, using Hemlane, the identical listing information may be syndicated to 30 various listing sites like Craigslist. This tool facilitates their quick setup and guides you through how to gather responses and expressions of interest.

Applicant Tracking & Processing

The rental application process is another neat feature that may be managed inside the software. Applications from prospective tenants can be submitted online, and the system will do initial screenings to help you narrow down the pool.

Use caution while utilizing the screening features of this program to avoid breaking any applicable screening regulations or making decisions based on inappropriate or private information about applicants.

This approach provides a streamlined process that is useful for landlords. In particular, the dashboard center for applications would be quite helpful for landlords who have a hard time keeping listings and possible tenant information structured.

Local Support

With the help of Hemlane’s tools, a community may take charge of moving day, inspections, and rental showings.

Interested renters can schedule viewings of available units via the software’s built-in calendar and messaging hub. Hemlane makes it simple to record inspection paperwork, move-in checklists, and other pertinent data, keep tabs on their status and distribute timely reminders.

Through the dashboard and messaging center, tenants may be notified of important dates and information related to their move in as well as receive checklists and copies of inspection results. This information is consolidated in one place for ease of access and to keep the tenant informed as much as possible.

No one in the rental business wants to consider the idea of having to go to court, but it is always there. If you ever need to use your defense, Hemlane will have all the necessary paperwork on file for you to do so.

Management Tools

Hemlane’s landlords love the way the platform organizes its management tools into several categories that cover the following.

Maintenance And Repairs

A maintenance request mechanism is available to both tenants and property managers. In the program, renters can submit requests for repairs and receive instantaneous updates and responses from their landlords via text message. It’s also simple to circulate images documenting the issues.

For upcoming maintenance, landlords can design and send tenant-facing repair reports. This facilitates open communication and ensures that everyone involved is aware of the current situation.

Online Rent & Financial Reports

The Hemlane rental payment method has been ranked as the feature landlords like the most. This system provides the capability to organize monthly payments, reminders, automatic late fees, and recurring payments.

There is no service charge for utilizing ACH in the rental portion of the site. There is a 3% processing fee for debit and credit card payments, but the software can be easily integrated with a user’s bank account in an instant.

Hemlane’s financial paperwork and ledgers can be easily exported to QuickBooks or other accounting software.

Lease Management

Scanners, photographs, signatures, dates, renewal dates, notes, and more can all be stored in Hemlane’s dedicated lease documentation section. Landlords can benefit from keeping a record of all signed leases, and the renewal notifications will help them stay one step ahead of any changes that need to be made to any of the properties under their management.

Maintenance Coordination

After some minor hiccups, the site will soon allow you to schedule appointments with your preferred local providers. The best way to keep track of everyone’s contact details is to compile it all in one central address book. You can utilize Hemlane to contact the best person for the job when you need to submit a repair request.

A link will be sent to the professional with access to the report and the request; they will not be required to register an account. Using the URL will give them instant access, and they can even reply to messages posted there.

When dealing with unforeseen maintenance needs, this simplified system makes things much more doable.

Incredible Customer Support

Have you ever tried to use some kind of apparatus or program that you just couldn’t wrap your head around? Have no fear; you’re in good company.

Some property owners who sought to implement Hemlane ran across exactly this problem. Some users may feel lost in the maze of options presented by Hemlane’s many features and subsections if they lack experience with similar software.

Fortunately, Hemlane provides outstanding customer care, and the company’s interaction with software users is always excellent. If you’re stuck and need some help with the program, just reach out to Hemlane for some pointers.

Hemlane’s dedication to making their product useful for landlords apparent through community engagement and video shows that they care about providing a solution that is simple and straightforward. The tools may not function for you, but it won’t be because you don’t understand how they work; Hemlane will make sure of that.

Products Offered By Hemlane

The software from Hemlane offers a wide range of options, and each option can be deployed in a variety of contexts. This is a more extensive list of the various types of tools that may be found within Hemlane, including some of the more well-known ones that have already been described.

  • Tracking analytics for rental ads Distributed to over 30 sites, including Craigslist
  • Listing administration includes vacancy alerts and more
  • Each property is featured on its own listing page.
  • Demonstrating time-management skills
  • The simple and fast application process
  • Tenant screening process
  • Features an agent addition function so you can save the contact information of real estate agents in your area.
  • Keeps tabs on leads for possible renters
  • The Convenience of an Online Rental Application
  • One can get a credit report or a background check.
  • Provides accept/reject suggestions based on information gathered
  • Holds lease paperwork and related images for use in inspections, etc.
  • Consolidates the steps required to renew a lease
  • The encrypted system for communicating with the tenant
  • Split rent and late fees are only two of the many convenient features of this fully-fledged online payment system.
  • Files maintenance requests and correspondence
  • Facilitates maintenance requests’ coordination with experts

There are specialized capabilities inside each of these mainstays that may be used to tailor your experience to your specific needs, whether that’s a greater depth of information or more streamlined administration. For managing listings, for example, you can easily update a property’s pricing and availability on all listing sites by altering it in one spot.

There is a lot of promise in the Hemlane goods provided to property managers. Your satisfaction with the product will be determined by how well you believe you can handle certain aspects of your task and where you feel you could use assistance.

Hemlane Pricing Options

If you are ready to learn more about the pricing for Hemlane, you can visit theirΒ pricing category here.

Essentially, you have to choose between their Basic and Smart programs, and you can choose to be billed annually for a slight discount or stick to monthly if you prefer to have a lower commitment level at first.

The Basic program costs $2 per unit plus a $28 base fee per month. The Smart program costs $30 per unit plus a $28 base fee per month. These prices are both when billed annually, and the price increases slightly if you want to be billed monthly instead.

The major difference between the Basic and Smart programs is whether or not you want to be able to use Hemlane for the following:

  • E-signatures
  • Legal Documents & Forms
  • 24/7 access to legal counsel
  • Maintenance requests are coordinated with tenants on-call.
  • Service requests are coordinated with experts on call.
  • Tenant-maintained repair and maintenance line available around the clock


Even while the Basic plan doesn’t come with any outside help, you may still use the program to coordinate repairs and other maintenance tasks with experts on your own.

The amount of effort you wish to eliminate is the decisive factor between the two tiers. Support at the Smart level could be important if you require further assistance and have the financial wherewithal to manage it.


The landlord can decide where further management tools are needed with Hemlane, a high-quality property management support suite. Hemlane offers plenty to offer whether you just want to streamline your listing and applicant process or if you need to get more organized in every facet of your business.

Organizational guidance is cited as a specific strength of Hemlane in its praising reviews. The planned segmentation of chores provided by Hemlane may make you a more efficient landlord if, despite having dozens of things to do, you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

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