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Fresh Prep Latest Review

Fresh Prep is of the opinion that food preparation should be enjoyable. Then again, why would signing up for a meal kit service be any different than simply eating out? When you sign up for an account with the brand, you’ll get immediate access to its services.

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The weekly meal kits from Fresh Prep are handy and environmentally friendly. Every recipe on the brand’s website can be made in less than 30 minutes, ranging from meat, fish, and plant-based fare.

Dhruv Sood and Husein Rahemtulla came up with the idea for Fresh Prep in 2014 when they were contemplating ways to make meal prep more entertaining and exciting. Take the stress off of dinner planning and prep work by serving up delicious and imaginative 30-minute meals.

However, Fresh Prep wasn’t designed just for you. Sustainable local distributors supply the brand’s ingredients, which are then packaged in recyclable, reuse, and biodegradable materials.


How Fresh Prep Works

Fresh Prep is of the opinion that food preparation should be enjoyable. Then again, why would signing up for a meal kit service be any different than simply eating out? When you sign up for an account with the brand, you’ll get immediate access to its services.

Your preferences, where you live, and your ambitions and dreams will all be on the table when you meet with Fresh Prep during this process. That last part might be a bit much, but they seem like the kind of people who would listen intently.

You can also tell them about your nutritional choices, such as if you are vegan, gluten-free, or a fan of chicken.

After that, they’ll put together a menu for you, and you may begin selecting meals. A month’s worth of meals is included in your subscription, and you can order as many more meals from the company.

To make your days even easier, after selecting your meals, consider adding sides, quick breakfast items, or juices.

Need to take a week off? There’s nothing to worry about. Pause? Sure. Is it possible to reschedule? Certainly, Fresh Prep is a welcoming service that only wants the best for you and your tummy.

Everything you need to cook a recipe is packaged together in an insulated cooler bag with an accompanying recipe card and mailed to you.

Fresh Prep Latest Review
Fresh Prep Latest Review

What’s The Fresh Prep Difference?

In comparison to other meal kit services, Fresh Prep offers “greater convenience and quality,” as the company’s website puts it.

What makes them easier to use, and why do they think they’re better than their competitors? These are the topics we’ll be covering in this Fresh Prep review segment.

To begin, let us examine the issue of comfort. The service saves you time by pre-cutting and portioning the ingredients for you. Shipping all of it to your door saves you time, money (for transportation and food waste), and the food waste itself.

There have been times when I’ve spent $30 on spices that I’ll never use again. Fresh Prep provides you all the spices you need to get creative without wasting money.

So, how would you rate the level of quality? According to Fresh Prep’s website, the company has put considerable effort into producing recipes that use items that make sense.

Everything else is diced up for you and guaranteed to be fresher than what you receive at the grocery store because it is not prepared with items that do not sit well when chopped (such as avocados and tomatoes).

That could be due to the brand’s supply chain. More often than not, they are made with local ingredients, which tend to be of higher quality and taste better.


What’s In The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit?

Fresh Prep welcomes the Zero Waste Kit to the team. It’s the company’s intention to increase the number of menu items it sends in these kits as demand develops.

The earth-friendly kit includes practically nothing that you’ll waste away (food, plastic) and everything that you’ll either eat or clean and return with the package.

Is this your toolbox for saving the planet? The Zero Waste Kit looks like a toolbox to me. Everything you need for your meals, such as fresh vegetables, herbs, and dried starches, can be found in your reusable box thanks to pre-portioned, removable containers.

For reasons of food safety, your meat will still arrive in plastic packaging that must be thrown away. The business won’t risk selling you tainted meat. After rinsing with cold water for 20-30 seconds on any other container or soft plastic, you can place it back in the box.

What’s On The Fresh Prep Menu?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Fresh Prep is perusing the menu before deciding on what to eat. Since you can see the menu several weeks in advance, you’ll always know exactly what to expect.

From Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican cuisines to good old-fashioned home-cooking, Fresh Prep serves up a wide variety of meats as well as a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

We were drawn to the Cumin Spiced Chicken Tacos on the menu, which looked fresh, inventive, and delicious. Cooking time is just 30 minutes for the zero-waste chicken tacos made with locally grown and free-range chicken.

Marinated Tofu Sushi Bowls drew our interest, too. For a quick 30-minute meal, this dish features maple-soy, seared tofu, arugula, nori strips, avocado, and fresh vegetables.

After trying the vegan entrée, we decided to try the Vietnamese Beef on Chilled Vermicelli. In this simple dish, marinated cucumbers and edamame are combined with a sweet, spicy, and salty sauce to create a complex flavor profile.

Overall, Fresh Prep’s meals are packed with a lot of vegetables and clean, antibiotic-free meat, seafood, and plant-based protein. You’ll discover a variety of light fare, including ciabatta pizza, sandwiches, stews, and a generous serving of pasta.

Fresh Prep Latest Review
Fresh Prep Latest Review


Who Is Fresh Prep For?

Using Fresh Prep frees up your time to focus on the things you enjoy most about cooking. Plus, you’ll have something to look forward to in the form of a nice home-cooked lunch. A terrific alternative for individuals looking to save money and time on weeknights, eliminate the mystery of dinner, or reduce waste.

This is a great choice for folks who love meal kit services but avoid them because of the plastic trash they can produce because Fresh Prep’s Zero Waste Kits go a step further.

Is Fresh Prep Worth It?

Each week, Fresh Prep serves a rotating ten-item menu. Many other meal prep services provide much larger options, but this one has an excellent assortment of recipes that include vegan and vegetarian options as well as various meats and fish.

Like many others, we appreciate Fresh Prep’s decision to handle all aspects of delivery in-house, as this eliminates a common complaint about meal kit ordering.

According to the Fresh Prep review, based on user comments, meal kit prices, and overall high quality, the service is well worth it.

Where to Buy Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep is offering a first-week discount of 75 percent to everyone who signs up. FreshPrep.ca is the place to go. You can take advantage of the AFL75OFF PROMO CODE.

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